Genuine and Original Bitron oil Treatment Reviews Australia 2019

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As an engineer, I have been promoting & selling these amazing, genuine, original Bitron (By tron) Treatments for 20 years, I have listened to the feed-back from my customers, who have told me what they have gained from ADDING the BITRON Treatments to their engines and machinery.  There’s been numerous times when the BITRON, ADDED to their engines and transmissions, has saved the operators thousands of dollars for repairs.  Almost ALL my Bitron Customers gained the BONUS, of a LOT LESS fuel being burnt as well. 

These comments gives me the greatest confidence in making and printing this:-

              BITRON  STATEMENT

NO amount of MONEY can buy the INSURANCE you get from ADDING the BITRON Treatments to your VEHICLES and ALL your Mechanical Equipment.

Mechanical RELIABILITY comes with ADDING the BITRON Treatments.

FUEL ECONOMY comes from ADDING BITRON Treatments.          

EXHAUST Pollution EMISSIONS can be REDUCED by about 90%.

I have more than 300 Commercial Customers purchasing these amazing Bitron oil additives year after year, and, almost ALL, tell me the same thing; their machinery and vehicles.

Almost, NEVER require maintenance repairs.  There is NO “downtime”.  Operating repair costs are REDUCED almost to ZERO. The ADDING of BITRON to ALL the mechanical equipment (being Bitronized) REDUCES FRICTION enormously; the parts hardly ever wear. The machinery operates very smoothly. NO harmonic problems. “Bitronized” mechanical equipment’s “life-span” will be more than ten times longer than expected.

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