How Lubricants can help to improve the vehicle Performance

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For a vehicle performance is the main factor to save the efficiency of fuel and too move faster. We must maintain and need to do regular service to keep the performance of vehicle for long period. To keep our vehicle performance good and save the fuel, must add different types of lubricants. In the current motor world, wide range of lubricants are available to do fuel treatment for vehicles and machines. Let’s see how the lubricants will helps to maximize the performance.

What is Lubricant?

Basically, lubricants are natural substance used to minimize the resistance between two surfaces. And used to reduce the heat that generated by the process.

Why this lubricant should be used for vehicles?

Lubricants are main factor that we need to consider when think vehicle performance is important. It helps to reduce the friction and improve the smoothening and perform the action against wear and tear of the parts.

Usually lubricants are used to improves the life of the parts and helps to save money as well as fuel efficiency. Let’s see here some important oil additives we are using in regular.

Engine oil

Engine oil is the lubricant specially designed to maintain and lubricate that provide best solution for both diesel and petrol engines.

Key Benefits of Engine Oil

  • Huge investment funds in upkeep costs all through the motor’s lifetime
  • Smoother, calmer running engines
  • Expanded motor insurance especially during winter begins
  • Decreases in grinding because of improved grease, bringing about less wear over the motor’s lifetime
  • Upgraded oil dependability, bringing about broadened oil life and lower oil utilization
  • maximize the fuel efficiency
  • Decreases of particulate outflows, bringing about less high contrast smoke during motor start-up and typical task
  • Enormous decreases of oil sullies; especially metal pollutes
  • Lower working temperatures
  • Decreases in the development of slop in the oil sump
  • Cleaner oil channels and broadened channel life

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High Temperature Grease

The high temperature grease designed to offer anti wear solution to all kind of load carrying properties. It is used to reduce the corrosion, rust, oxidation also tackiness additive. High temperature grease improves the life of vehicles which used extreme loads, temperature and shock conditions. Specially used for marine application, transport industries, agricultural machines, mining industry and gears.

Gear Oil Additive

Gear oil is thicker oil that is utilized to grease up gears. In autos and trucks, it’s regularly utilized in manual transmissions, front and back axles and in some 4WD exchange cases. The most widely recognized evaluations of gear oils are Bitron Gear oil additive.

  • Improves the proficiency of the drive train.
  • Smoother changing of gears when done gearbox additive – Reduces transmission vibration.
  • Decreases grating and warmth.
  • Adds to expanded efficiency of fuel.
  • Figured to avert erosion.
  • Improved power yield – less torque misfortune.
  • Good with every single metal segment and seals.
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