Cross Axis Friction Machine Demonstration With BITRON

Cross Axis Friction Machine Demo with BITRON

Cross Axis Friction Machine Demonstration With BITRON

As seen on the Video, regardless what type of engine lubricating oil tested on this machine, they all break down with small amount of pressure on the Handle of the “Cross Axis Machine” and the motor on the machine stops working, as the twq steel metal test pieces seize together. Which will happen in an engine or transmission if the lubricating oil breaks down from overheating or there is a leakage from the sump. (No Oil)

Add any type of engine lubricating oil to the little tank on this “Cross Axis  Machine” and then add a very small amount (about 5% ) of Bitron Engine oil additive EP20 or Bitron Transmission EP40 to the oil in the tank.  With the machine running, push down on the Handle very hard and the friction resistance meter hardly moves. In fact, as the oil in the tank gets hotter from prolong pressure, the indicator on the fiction resistance meter, doesn’t move at all. This proves that the adding of the Bitron Treatment reduces the friction to almost zero.

Because of the adding of Bitron EP20 Engine or Bitron EP40 Transmission additive to your machinery, the friction (heat) is reduced immensely which reduces the “wear” on the metals accordingly. Now, from experience we have concluded the Machinery will keep operating more than ten times longer than expected. In the 20 years of working with Bitron, as far as we know, all Machinery be it “old” or “new” equipment, when “Bitronized” (treated with Bitron) initially, are still operating perfectly today.

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