How to remove Rusted Bolts and Nuts

How to Remove Rusted Bolts and Nuts

If you ask what the single thing is most affected by rust and corrosion, the consensus answer is nuts and bolts. Most of the time, the nuts stick to it. They are so trapped and difficult to move. Rusty equipment can cause serious harm to any product. Not all types of rust are visible. They can harm equipment and even lead to their malfunction.

In the case of rust and corrosion bolts, nuts can lead to failure of the entire component. Therefore, it is important to address the rust problem immediately before the damage occurs.

How to remove rust very fast:

If bolts and nuts are exposed to humid weather or humidity for a long time, they will rust quickly. One component most vulnerable to corrosion is fastenings in automobile components and home appliances.

To eliminating rust from the automobile components and home appliances many ways are there. Let’s see here some of the useful and effective methods to remove rusts. That are,


If nuts and bolts get jammed in their place due to the reason of rust, the best solution is to use the Bitron EP-40 Penetrant oil. There is no better way to loosen it than to use the Bitron EP-40 best penetrating oil if the rust has reached the nuts and bolts threads. Rub it into the bolt and then tap with a hammer. This helps the EP-40 penetrate the oil fitting and loosen the bolt so that it can be easily removed.

Cut the Fastener:

If bolts and nuts are cruelly rusted, it cannot be used, and the only way left is to cut it. It is not possible to use a fastener, but it can help eliminate it. To get a good hold on the nuts and bolts head use you the clamp and screw it tough so it is free from its place.

Heat and Melt:

The Next method is to remove the deep rust from the nuts and blots is using heat torch to make heat. This heating will enlarge the rusted bolts and nuts and its easily get loosed up. Please be careful while heating the nuts and bolts if already more amount of lubricants applied there is chance to flame.

Rust Removers:

In the market, there are many numbers of rust removers available to remove rust from the nuts and bolts. The Bitron EP 40 penetrating oil not only helps to loosen rust and trapped nuts and bolts, but also helps keep them safe from staining again.

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