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Welcome to Brian Rogers Promoting Bitron Australia wide


In 1992 I had sold my Marine Engineering business and 5 Years later,

I was introduced to this Bitron Business by a business associate who operated a Prawn Trawler off Townsville. This trawler was powered by a 370 HP Cummins Engine.

The Bitron treatments were added to the fuel; the engine crankcase as well as the Marine gear box (wet clutches). The trawler owner was to purchase the Bitron Treatments for the crew.

In the first month the fuel saving was about 10%

The second month the fuel saving was 15%

The third month the fuel saving was 20%

In 6 months the fuel saving went to 30% saving.

In their contract, the crew had to pay for the fuel (some trawler crews, sail all over the ocean — burn fuel & no income), obviously, this crew would not go to work (sea) without the Bitron Treatments Added. This Crew were very conscious of the Diesel Fuel they did NOT burn with the Bitron Added.

All this time the 3 main Bitron Treatments had been added to the Engine and fuel, the trawler was NEVER laid up for engine repairs or maintenance.

After a few years, when the engine had completed 30,000 hours of work, the Cummins people in Brisbane notified the Owner, that the engine should be rebuilt (Cummins engines should be rebuilt at about 18,000 hours. This is Company Policy).

Cummins supplied a new engine for the trawler and the old engine went to Brisbane to be rebuilt!!!

The Cummins technicians removed the head and sump from the old engine and found that the hone marks were still on the cylinder walls as from new; the inside of the crankcase was very clean and in “as new” condition.  The same thing was found as a result of checking the fuel pump and injectors. ( no repairs or servicing needed). This is after 30,000 hours of hard work.

The engine was reassembled with new gaskets only, and then sold off to an operator in the Solomon Islands.

The Condition of the old engine was the result of ADDING the Bitron Treatments to the “fuel; the crankcase and the transmission” over long time.

These results made me concentrate on promoting these Bitron Treatments.

In the early years, I learnt a lot about what can be gained from ADDING these amazing Bitron Treatments to Vehicles & machinery;  HOWEVER, all the learning,  is NO where near as good as hundreds of my Bitron customers relating all this VERY important “in the field on the job” information to me. It is very heartening to me to be able to promote a product that is so effective and reliable.


MONEY  cannot buy the  INSURANCE  you get from  ADDING the BITRON           

                          Treatments to your VEHICLES and MACHINERY.

   Mechanical  RELIABILITY comes with ADDING the BITRON Treatments.

FUEL  ECONOMY comes  from  ADDING  BITRON Treatments.      

            EXHAUST  Pollution  EMISSIONS can be REDUCED by about  90%.

Promoting Bitron Australia Wide

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