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Engine Oil Additives – Bi-Tron EP20

Bitron EP20 Engine Oil Treatment is an integrated maintenance and lubrication solution designed for use in both diesel and petrol engine oils.

How engine oil treatment works with Bitron EP20 added  

EP20 enhances and boosts the full range of mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic engine oils, providing measurable operational improvements in the essential areas of cleanliness, lubrication and protection. Advances in modern engine technology have led to the development of more sophisticated engine oils designed to do much more than just lubricate.

As much as 30 per cent of modern engine oil is made up of additives designed to perform specific functions. The increasing reliance on refinery additives by primary refiners has created challenges for the traditional aftermarket additive industry in the formulation of their engine oil treatment packages.

Many manufacturers have simply not kept pace with advances in refinery and pipeline additive technology resulting in engine oil additives packages that are often obsolete, providing little or no benefit to the end-user.

Of greater concern is the significant number of oil treatment packages that impact in a negative way, the performance of the refinery additives used in modern engine oils.

Bitron has worked in partnership with one of the main suppliers to the petrochemical industry of refinery and pipeline additive technology to produce the EP20 formulation. It has undergone stringent “no harm” testing to ensure compatibility with refinery additive technology and exceeds ACEA E4-08 specification.

Bitron EP20 is formulated to work in synergy with engine oil to provide improved performance in the major areas of lubrication, engine cleanliness, viscosity stability and oil quality and longevity.

EP20 is a multifunctional engine treatment package designed to be easily incorporated into existing maintenance schedules. Regular treatment with Bitron EP20 will provide improved maintenance outcomes and increases in productivity through reductions in costs and downtime.

Functional Improvement Benefits

Bitron EP20 seamlessly integrates with the refinery additives used in all engine oils boosting the ability of the oil to clean, lubricate and protect the engine. EP20’s unique ability to create a synergistic relationship with engine oil enhances key functional characteristics by:

  • Significantly improving lubricating ability particularly in the essential area of boundary lubrication, the most common cause of component failure in modern engines

  • Forming a protective film on all metallic engine parts

  • Increasing thermal stability

  • Maintaining viscosity

  • Neutralising the formation of acids

  • Reducing oxidisation

  • Boosting detergency

  • Maintaining overall oil quality over extended time periods

Key Performance Benefits

Bitron EP20 has the proven ability to enhance and boost the functional properties of mineral, semi and synthetic engine oils providing important ongoing key performance benefits across a range of maintenance and cost issues delivering:

  • Significant savings in maintenance costs throughout the engine’s lifetime

  • Smoother, quieter running engines

  • Increased engine protection particularly during cold starts

  • Reductions in friction due to improved lubrication, resulting in less wear over the engine’s lifetime

  • Enhanced oil stability, resulting in extended oil life and lower oil consumption

  • Improvements to fuel economy

  • Reductions of particulate emissions, resulting in less black and white smoke during engine start-up and normal operation

  • Large reductions of oil contaminates; particularly metal contaminates

  • Lower operating temperatures

  • Reductions in the build up of sludge in the oil sump

  • Cleaner oil filters and extended filter life

  • Reductions in the rate of oil “thickening”

  • Initial Treatment

Add Bitron EP20 Engine Treatment to your engine oil at 10 per cent of refill oil capacity. Run engine for 15-20 hours or 1,500 – 2,000 km before performing an oil & filter change.

  • Ongoing Treatment

Add Bitron EP20 Engine Treatment at 5 per cent of refill oil capacity with each oil change.


  • During initial treatment stage it is important to regularly check the condition of your engine oil. If it becomes dirty, replace oil & filter.

  • Rebuilt engines should be run-in according to the manufacturer’s recommendations BEFORE using Bitron EP20 Engine Treatment.

  • On new or rebuilt engines it is not necessary to perform an initial treatment.

  • Care should be taken not to overfill your engine’s oil.

Money can’t buy the insurance you get by adding Bi-Tron treatment to your engine and machinery.

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