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Bitron EP30 Penetrating Lubricant is designed to penetrate even the deepest rust and corrosion and provide lasting surface protection and lubrication like no other. Its powerful rust-dissolving properties work quickly making it the perfect solution for seized nuts and bolts, machine parts, locks and hinges that would otherwise have remained unusable and require replacement.
As a spray lube, EP30 seeks out and attaches to metal surfaces completely covering them with a fine protective layer of pressure-resistant lubricating oil. By displacing water and providing a sealing barrier to future moisture and oxygen attack, Bitron EP30 Penetrating Lubricant prevents corrosion at the root cause level.
It will remain intact and effective for extended periods without the need for repeated application, giving peace-of-mind for remote or infrequently-serviced equipment.
With nearly two decades of successful industrial in-field service, Bitron EP30 Penetrating Lubricant has established a reputation as the go-to product where strength, durability and performance are required.
In drilling and tapping applications, EP30 has been shown to dramatically extend the service life of drill bits, taps and dies, delivering considerable operating cost savings through reduced energy consumption and wear part replacement. Workshops can achieve increased productivity and minimised downtime, enabling them to get on with the jobs that need doing.
On the farm EP30 has proven invaluable as an alternative to silicone or lanolin-based sprays, offering unrivalled performance and protection for everything from the finest mechanisms to the heaviest equipment.

Valves and chain lubricant
Seized bolts/screws
Drill bits and taps
Electric and air tools
Screw jacks
Sporting equipment
Electrical terminals
Sliding doors and windows
Locks, hinges and doors
Features & Benefits
Reduces friction, wear & operating temperature
Lubricates while it penetrates
Protects against rust & breaks down corrosion
Displaces moisture
Outstanding cutting fluid
Fast penetration
Breaks down rust and corrosion
Lubricates as it penetrates
Cleans and retards electrical corrosion
Resistant to most acids and caustics
Prevents rust and corrosion after use
Speeds up drilling and tapping
Cutting edges stay sharper longer
Reduces power consumption
Displaces water
EP30 contains petroleum distillates and should not be used on equipment that processes food. EP30 may affect some plastics and fabrics and care should be taken when using near these items.
This information is, to our best knowledge, correct and accurate. Bitron International Pty Ltd makes no particular representations with regards to reductions in emissions, particulates or increases in fuel economy as many factors can affect these outcomes.
Money can’t buy the insurance you get by adding Bi-Tron treatment to your engine and machinery.
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500ml Pack of 5 Btls, 500ml Per Btl, 5 L, 20 L