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Gearbox Additive – BITRON EP 40

Bitron EP40 is formulated to provide the ultimate protection to a wide range of industrial applications including differentials, transmission treatment and hydraulics. Bitron EP40 can also be safely used in all marine applications. These applications often operate under extreme conditions of heavy load, high temperatures and corrosive environments, gearbox transmission.

Bitron EP40 contains a package of carefully blended anti corrosives, multi functional detergents, antioxidants and Bitron’s proprietary extreme pressure lubricant which are designed to alleviate the problems associated with equipment operated under high operating temperatures and extreme friction. Both testing conducted by Bitron and client feedback have shown that Bitron EP40 decreases internal oil temperatures in these applications by up to 20 degrees C.

The antioxidants used in Bitron EP40 have been selected specifically to enhance the protection of oils and fluids used in industrial applications.
The product forms a protective film by bonding with the metal surfaces significantly increasing tolerances to extreme heat and pressure. The extreme pressure additive works to decrease friction whilst the multi functional detergent reduces the build up of sludge that forms as the oil deteriorates and ages. As many of these applications are operated in environments where corrosion can be an issue EP40 is designed to provide protection against this damage.

The entire package found in Bitron EP40 is formulated to improve equipment durability, reduce costly downtime and provide significant savings in maintenance costs. This can lead to large increases in the bottom line. And Bitron EP40 is compatible with all hydraulic oils. In hydraulic applications extreme heat and pressure can cause the metal to expand and increase the level of friction and wear. Bitron’s proprietary EP lubricant will reduce the extreme operating pressures found in many hydraulic applications reducing temperatures and dramatically increasing the working life of your hydraulic equipment.

How Bi-Tron EP 40 Lubricant Works?

Bitron EP40 is compatible with all power steering units and will result in easier steering. The multipurpose detergent will clean dirty pumps, improving oil flow and increasing the operating life of the power steering unit. Bitron EP40 can be used in both manual and automatic transmissions to control heat which is a major factor in transmission failure. Clutch plates require friction to operate effectively which in turn generate large amounts of heat. Clutch plates can be made from a variety of materials such as Kevlar and Phedic and silicone resins. The addition of Bitron EP40 will not cause slippage as it does not affect the integrity of these materials. EP40 will lower heat levels within the clutch housing and will extend the life of the clutch fluid.

Bitron EP40 is particularly beneficial when added to Epicycle hubs such as those found on agricultural machinery. Benefits of EP40 is reduces operating temperatures and protects against dust.

In the marine industry corrosion and silting are major problems. Bitron’s EP40 anti corrosive additive provides protection against corrosion whilst the detergents in the product prevent the build up of sludge.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimises the efficiency of the drive train.
  • Smoother shifting of gears when done gearbox additive – Reduces transmission vibration.
  • Reduces friction and heat.
  • Contributes to increased fuel economy.
  • Formulated to prevent corrosion.
  • Improved power output – less torque loss.
  • Compatible with all metal components and seals.
  • Compatible with ALL mineral and synthetic gear oil additive and Hydraulic fluids.

Points to Note

  • Transmission additive should be serviced before being treated with EP40.
  • Initial treatments with EP40 may cause excessive sediment and deposits. This is normal due to the cleaning action of the detergents and will resolve itself after a maximum of three treatments. This should be considered when performing oil analysis as initial results may show higher readings.
  • Bitron EP40 is compatible for use in all differential types including
    Limited Slip and Posi-Trac Differentials and is compatible with Mercon and Dexron fluids.
  • Do not overfill transmissions, differentials, transfer cases or power steering reservoirs.
  • Bitron EP40 is not compatible with brake fluids and should never be added to brake system master cylinders. It should be noted that some hydraulic clutch systems use brake fluid and not hydraulic oil.
  • Bitron EP40 should not be added to these systems. If unsure refer to Bitron’s technical department.
  • Bitron EP40 is NOT suitable for use in some wet clutches. (Refer to Bitron’s technical department)
  • EP40 is non-corrosive and does not affect seals or gaskets. It is a metal treatment and treats only the metal surfaces. It will not restore damaged seals or gaskets that are already hardened and cracked.
  • Bitron EP40 Powertrain Formulation is not intended for gears that have sheared or are on the verge of lock-up, unless this is due to overheating and has not yet resulted in welding.
  • Bitron EP40 is not a cure-all for pre-existing mechanical problems. In some cases the detergent effects may expose pre-existing problems (eg damaged seals or gaskets).

Initial Treatment

Add Bitron EP40 Powertrain Formulation at 10 per cent of refill oil capacity of transmissions, gearboxes, differentials and hydraulics. Check oil/hydraulic fluid after 15-20 hours or 1,500 – 2,000 km of running and change if necessary.

Ongoing Treatment

Add Bitron EP40 Powertrain Formulation at a minimum of 5 per cent of refill oil capacity with each scheduled oil change. In applications with extremes of temperature or friction use Bitron EP40 at up to 10 per cent of refill oil capacity.


  • Automatic transmissions should be serviced and have new filters fitted before being treated with Bitron EP40 Powertrain Formulation.
  • Do not overfill transmissions, gearboxes, differentials or hydraulic systems. If necessary, drain some of the existing oil to allow Bitron EP40 Powertrain Formulation to be added, then top-off to correct level.
  • Bitron EP40 Powertrain Formulation is not compatible with brake fluids and should never be added to brake systems.

This information is, to our best knowledge, correct and accurate. Bitron International Pty Ltd makes no particular representations with regards to reductions in emissions, particulates or increases in fuel economy as many factors can affect these outcomes. This information relates only to the specific product named above and may not be valid when not used as recommended.

Money can’t buy the insurance you get by adding Bi-Tron treatment to your engine and machinery.

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