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High Temperature Grease Lith-Plex – BITRON EP70

This multi-purpose high temperature grease has been formulated to provide excellent anti-wear and load carrying properties. EP70 has been designed to operate over a wide range of temperatures with the addition of corrosion, rust and oxidation inhibitors as well as a tackiness additive.

EP70 Lith-Plex provides a high resistance to water washout. Bitron EP70 is NLGI 2 grease and is ideal for any applications operating under high load temperatures and where shear stability is essential. Bitron EP70 provides a long life service For all applications and particularly for applications subjected to extreme loads, temperatures and shock conditions.

Bitron EP70 Lith-Plex high temperature grease is highly recommended for use in a wide range of applications in the agricultural, mining, marine, heavy industrial and transport industries. EP70 is particularly recommended for use in gears, couplings and both anti-friction and plain bearings.

Bitron EP70 is an ideal choice for chassis, wheel bearings, sealed bearings and ball joints especially when subjected to extreme shock and heat or where rust is an issue.

Water Resistance

Bitron EP70 LITH-PLEX has been formulated to provide excellent resistance to water washout and is therefore highly recommended in applications that are subjected to water or wet conditions.

Water washout occurs when water literally washes out the grease causing contamination, corrosion and rusting. As EP70 is “tacky” or thicker grease, it provides a high degree of protection when it’s required.


Much of today’s machinery has been developed to operate under larger extremes of temperature. This makes it essential to use lubricants that will provide the protection required to maximize the operating life of often very expensive parts.

Bitron EP70 LITH-PLEX has been formulated to provide protection over a wide range of high and low temperatures. EP70 provides exceptional protection for constant temperature ranges from -10c through to 175c and intermittent temperatures up to 220c.

Extreme Pressure & Stability

An important consideration with any grease is its ability to retain shear stability whilst subjected to extreme pressure. Shear or mechanical stability is the ability of a grease to retain its consistency when “worked” or under load. EP70 has a worked penetration of 280 and drop point > 285c. This enables Bitron EP70 LITH-PLEX to remain stable under a wide range of operating conditions providing extra anti-wear protection where it’s most needed.

EP70 contains antioxidants providing oxidation, stability, corrosion and rust inhibitors. These ensure minimal build-up of sludge, gum and varnish which will increase wear and cause sluggish operation. Corrosion and rust inhibitors protect against build-up; particularly in equipment subjected to water or constantly wet conditions.

Bitron EP70 has been formulated as multi-purpose grease with enhanced Extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear properties designed to outperform other comparable products.

Bitron EP70 is suitable for rolling element bearings, plain bearings, chassis parts etc. It will provide enhanced protection in a wide variety of equipment from farm machinery, trucks and buses through to mining equipment and earth-moving equipment.

Steel mills, cane crushing plants, underground tunneling or mining and ore crushing plants will definitely benefit from its use. Bitron EP70 provides enhanced protection against the ravages of dust corrosion, water and rust and will add value to machinery and vehicle assets when used as part of a regular lubrication and servicing program.

This information is, to our best knowledge, correct and accurate. Bitron International Pty Ltd makes no particular representations with regards to reductions in emissions, particulates or increases in fuel economy as many factors can affect these outcomes. This information relates only to the specific product named above and may not be valid when not used as recommended. It is the user’s responsibility to satisfy himself as to the suitability of the product for his own particular use.

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BI TRON’S Statement is:– MONEY cannot buy the INSURANCE you get from ADDING the BITRON Treatments to your VEHICLES and MACHINERY.

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