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Petrol Fuel Treatment – BITRON P 900

Bitron P900 Power Petrol fuel Treatment is an advanced formulation designed for use in any petrol including ethanol blends up to E10.

How Bi-Tron Power Petrol fuel Treatment works?

P900 will oxygenate and improve the burn characteristics of leaded and unleaded petrol regardless of the fuel’s octane rating (RON). In collaboration with leading industrial petro-chemists from the USA, United Kingdom and Australia Bitron has been able to incorporate a high-molecular weight polymer with a pure hydrocarbon chemical base resulting in a product that both cleans the fuel system and enhances combustion.

Once added to your fuel, the liquid polymer remains dispersed and in suspension where it controls the flow characteristic and vapour droplet size during compression and ignition in your engine.

The result is a more complete combustion of the fuel and a corresponding increase in power output and decrease in emissions, particularly hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

A secondary but equally important function of the fuel polymer is the lubrication of fuel pumps, injector components and the engine’s top-end including piston rings and valve seats. Adequate lubrication of the top piston ring (compression/flame ring) via a fuel borne lubricant enables maximum cylinder wall to piston sealing which optimises compression and power recovery while reducing blow-by and oil contamination. Inlet and exhaust valve seats are also protected by a layer of polymer significantly extending service life in older engines.

Regular use of Bitron P900 Petrol Power Treatment will clean up and maintain the entire fuel system along with your engine’s top end and combustion chamber. P900 gently removes varnish, gum and other sludges that have built-up over time in fuel tanks, pumps, lines, carburetors and injectors providing optimum fuel flow, pressure and efficiency.
Combustion chamber carbon deposits are dissolved and eliminated reducing Octane Requirement Increase (ORI) experienced by nearly all petrol engines after 20,000km of service life.
The ability to safely run modern engines including Japanese and Euro models on regular unleaded (91 RON) fuel typically makes Bitron P900 Petrol Power Treatment a cost-neutral fuel system maintenance and emissions reduction solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Improves mileage and performance

  • Reduces friction and wear

  • Maximises power and compression

  • Optimises engine performance

  • Cleans and lubricates carburettors, injectors, rotary fuel pumps and the top end

  • Compatible with leaded and unleaded petrols

  • Improves cold starting

  • Helps prevent water contamination and the formation of sludge in fuel tanks, lines and pumps

  • Pure petroleum based

  • Formulated to prevent corrosion

  • Significantly improves fuel stability, extending the life of the fuel

Points to Note

  • The process of cleaning the fuel tank and lines can result in clogging of fuel filters. It is advisable to check the fuel filters after the first two tanks of Bitron P900 and replace if necessary.

  • Most modern cars today can, with the use of Bitron P900 run perfectly well on regular unleaded fuel.

  • Bitron P900 Petrol Power Treatment is non-corrosive.

To obtain the maximum benefits from Bitron P900, an initial “cleanup” treatment of 3L per 1,000L of Fuel should be used for the first 25hrs of operation or 1,500km. This will ensure any existing zinc or carbonaceous deposits are removed from the fuel system. Fuel should then be treated at the rate of 2L per 1,000L of Fuel. Further advice on treatment rates can be obtained by contacting our technical support area.

This information is, to our best knowledge, correct and accurate. Bitron International Pty Ltd makes no particular representations with regards to reductions in emissions, particulates or increases in fuel economy as many factors can affect these outcomes. This information relates only to the specific product named above and may not be valid when not used as recommended. 

Money can’t buy the insurance you get by adding Bi-Tron treatment to your engine and machinery.

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