Best Fuel & Oil Additives

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Bitron EP20

Engine Oil Additive

Bitron EP20 Engine Oil Treatment is an integrated maintenance and lubrication solution designed for use in both diesel and petrol engine oils

Bitron EP30

Best Penetrating oil

Bitron EP30 Penetrating Lubricant is an industrial strength extreme duty water dispersant, rust remover and metal treatment.

Bitron EP70

High Temperature Grease

Bitron EP70 is extreme pressure complex lithium-base (TAC) grease.

Bitron P900

Power Petrol Fuel Treatment

Bitron P900 Petrol Power Treatment is an advanced formulation designed for use in any petrol including ethanol blends up to E10.

Bitron Genesis D110

Diesel Fuel Treatment

Bitron Genesis D110 is an advanced diesel fuel system treatment, formulated using leading edge technology to provide industry with the ultimate solution for diesel fuel system deposits and poor diesel quality.

Bitron EP40

Gearbox oil Additive

Bitron EP40 is formulated to provide the ultimate protection to a wide range of industrial applications including differentials, transmissions and hydraulics.

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